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Distances from Luanda

Distances from Luanda to the largest cities and places in Angola. Have a closer look at the distances from Luanda to the largest places in Angola.

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Distances from Luanda to the largest places in Angola
Caxito Caxito1.28,22455 km 34 mishow
Nzeto Nzeto2.18,352183 km 114 mishow
N'dalatando N’dalatando3.383,100191 km 119 mishow
Uige Uíge4.60,008243 km 151 mishow
Camabatela Camabatela5.12,837247 km 153 mishow
Sumbe Sumbe6.33,277272 km 169 mishow
Quibala Quibala7.8,915285 km 177 mishow
Mbanza Congo Mbanza Congo8.24,220307 km 191 mishow
Soio Soio9.67,491316 km 196 mishow
Uacu Cungo Uacu Cungo10.10,970348 km 216 mishow
Malanje Malanje11.87,046350 km 218 mishow
Cabinda Cabinda12.66,020383 km 238 mishow
Lobito Lobito13.207,932394 km 245 mishow
Catumbela Catumbela14.16,977402 km 250 mishow
Benguela Benguela15.151,226417 km 259 mishow
Chela Chela16.5,811455 km 283 mishow
Longonjo Longonjo17.24,346504 km 313 mishow
Caala Caála18.21,205514 km 320 mishow
Huambo Huambo19.226,145517 km 321 mishow
Cuito Cuito20.113,624566 km 351 mishow
Caluquembe Caluquembe21.30,300573 km 356 mishow
Catabola Catabola22.18,855577 km 358 mishow
Caconda Caconda23.10,549581 km 361 mishow
Chissamba Chissamba24.7,677582 km 362 mishow
Camacupa Camacupa25.19,150585 km 363 mishow
Lubango Lubango26.102,541678 km 421 mishow
Namibe Namibe27.80,149718 km 446 mishow
Saurimo Saurimo28.40,498792 km 492 mishow
Luena Luena29.21,115802 km 498 mishow
Menongue Menongue30.32,203810 km 503 mishow
Lucapa Lucapa31.20,115828 km 515 mishow
Leua Léua32.5,168850 km 528 mishow
Cazaji Cazaji33.4,764856 km 532 mishow
Lumeje Lumeje34.4,972881 km 547 mishow
Ondjiva Ondjiva35.10,169956 km 594 mishow
Luau Luau36.18,4651,008 km 626 mishow

1 - 36 of 36 places